Served On the Rocks #2


We’re back again this week with another round up of chilled tunes that will surely help you start off the hardest day of the week. Up first is a few pieces from Dr. MaD, followed up with a bit of Eastern Sun & John Kelley, Trihero and more. Enjoy the tunes, support the artists and tell your friends about Chune if you dig it!

Dr. MaD – “mustth∆veYeww[Jahloussyy]“

Dr. MaD – “Blo. Mind” + “(ƒµk)aGSLST”

These two tracks are a couple chill, wavy hip-hop beats. A little bit of rapping/vocal samples on the first two tracks, but the last has a solid block of rhymes.

Eastern Sun & John Kelley – “Rapture at Sea”

Incredibly chill track. Downtempo and zoned out right. Sip it slow.

Express Rising – “Ice Stopped”

Released in 2002, “Ice Stopped” is as cold as the name implies. Subdued beats and dreamy melodies create a truly atmospheric track. Listen in, chill out.

Trihero – “Alright”

Trihero (Trianglehero), aka Justin Loring, produces ambient electronic instrumentals. “Alright” is a well-done tune that makes you feel the music.

Arkist – “Fill My Coffee”

Here’s a great funky, chillout track. Don’t forget to listen all the way through on this one!

Modjo – “Lady” (Kaytranada Remix)

Another chill track from Kaytranada. Check out our full post on him if you dig it!

Sizemix – “Induced”

“Induced” is a nice electronic, almost hip-hop track with soothing guitar string melodies. Definitely worth a listen.

Cass. – “Tuulipuu Jänkä” (feat. Anna Marjamäki)

This is a feel good track. Vocal cuts mixed with interesting percussion and other instruments. Give it a listen, it develops into a dreamy tune led by chimes.

Sound Tribe Sector 9 – “Golden Gate” (Live 10-23-11)

Live recording or studio, “Golden Gate” is a great tune. Upbeat melodies and a nice mix of sounds. STS9 is a pretty well known group, but I just re-discovered this gem myself.

Well, I think that’ll just about do it for this weeks beats Served on the Rocks. See you next Monday for your next allowance.

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  • Trihero

    Awesome blog and great music! Thanks for blogging “Alright”. I appreciate it!

    • chuneme

      Of course, keep up the good work and it surely won’t be the last time we feature you on Chune!